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Capitaine Chantel Dubois was a Monaco animal control officer that was known for her relentless tracking of runaway or stray animals.

Biography Edit

Dubois took to hunting down animals in Monaco as a career, keeping a perfect case record as she did, as well as a grisly collection of mounted animals and animal heads on her office walls. This hunting of animals led her to the intended high point of her career: to hunt a lion for its head, for which she had reserved both a special plaque and place on her wall.

One lion that Dubois had intended to hunt was Alex, the famed lion from the Central Park Zoo in New York City. Alex, as well as several other former zoo animals that he had been with, managed to escape Dubois' grip, causing her to track them all throughout five countries, culminating her pursuit in the Central Park Zoo, wherein she and her officers met their downfall as Alex, with the aid of his fellow former zoo animals, as well as several circus animals, struck back. Dubois and her men were impeded for good as a result and stopped from hunting animals.