Jerry Lewis




Canadian (With a background from United Kingdom of Great Britain and northern Ireland)


Niagara falls


Sherry Lewis, Terrence Lewis, L.A.M.O.S (Totally spies)

Friends and Family

Friends and Family


Head of WOOHP

Friends and Family:

Sherry Lewis, Terrence Lewis, Myrna Bessbotom and WOOHP agents

voiced by:

CanadaAdrian Truss

Eye colour:


Skin Colour:


Gerald James "Jerry" Lewis is the founder and Head of WOOHP, the World Organization Of Human Protection. Jerry is voiced by Adrian Truss


He gives the spies missions and gadgets. Apparently he is also the boss to the Totally Spies trio, a part of WHOOP that lives in a penthouse and also perform missions. The trio of girls from the preceding series have made several cameos. He has a sister Sherry that is evil and jealous of Jerry. He also has an evil brother named Terrence Lewis. Both are in prison, and both have names that rhyme with his. Apparently he also does stuff to them by doing crazy things like staircases that megan said that was going to eat them or Jerry was gonna WHOOP them and sometimes was sometimes known as WHOOP-ing. He enjoys WHOOPing the Spiez. He has a high combat in martial arts and intellegence. He briefs and distrubute the gadgets of the Spiez. He has been a stick in the mud when he was a kid (Operation WOOCSI). Jerry has been cursed somewhat in his lives like realities that turn out to be villians. Sherry Lewis, Terrence Lewis (Totally Spies!), Boogie Gus and the LAMOS (Totally Spies!). Jerry is a master spy with expert martial arts, Intellegence and Hi-tech gear use. He makes jokes and can be mostly serious (Operation Craby bob). The spiez! refer to Jerry has a busboy and spy's on them. In Totally Spies! his favorite food is Fish and Chips but in The Amazing Spiez! he loves Cake (Operation Rebel Robot).

Trivia :

Jerry has developed an allergy in blueberries (Totally Spies:Yuck Factor)

He also has an allergy from a material in his new pillow (Operation Cruisin for a bruisin)




  • Personal Veterans in Jerry's Life
  • Sherry Lewis
  • Terrence Lewis (Totally Spies!/The Amazing Spiez! one episode)
  • LAMOS (Totally Spies!)
  • Jerry is from United Kingdom of Great Britain and northern Ireland
  • When Jerry was a kid he had red hair (Operation WOOCSI)
  • Jerry is named after the real Jerry Lewis (a comedian, actor, singer, etc)
  • he's Wallet Phone can tap in to viewing security pottage of Cells In WOOHP Prison ("Operation Rebel Robot")
  • He loves Cake (Operation Rebel Robot)

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