Lee Clark
Lee at school
Gender Male
Nationality Canadian
Profession Agent, student
Afflictions World Organization Of Human Protection (WOOHP)

Lee Clark (formerly known as Lee Chapman) is the oldest of his siblings. He is 13 years old in his first debut (14 in season 2) and is considered to the strongest one. He is very athletic and the most powerful spy in the group. His spy suit and his MPCom are red. He is also the jet pilot. He also has claustrophobia.


Lee's personality is carefree and laid back attitude. He is shown that he does not like homework or schoolwork and is not the best student of getting good grades. Despite of him being a slacker to schoolwork it is shown he loves and haves a passion for sports and also shown he is a talented atheletic (jock) which makes him very popular in school. He plays basketball and football at school and he loves to do weight lifting and rock climbing. He also has a habit of going crazy over girls, which is similar to Clover's boy craziness. He is the oldest of his siblings but usually he acts more like a kid than being the mature one in his family. Lee enjoys teasing his younger siblings, sometimes to the point where they get mad at him, but deep down he really cares much about them and at times he will comfort them and cheer them up when they are down; he is also very protective of his younger siblings and will do anything to protect them from harm. Though in some cases there is times he can be mature like-parent to his siblings. In episode "Operation School Rivals" his behavior was more like a parent than his usual carefree behavior when he strictly reminded Marc that he has a haircut appointment after school and not to wander off to the library again, and reminded Megan to finish and turn in her science project on Friday, and also reminded Tony about his lunch money, causing his annoyed younger siblings to tease him by calling him "Dad". But Lee have bin 13 years old .


In his normal appearance, Lee has auburn colored hair that seems to be in the style of a flat top. He has pale blue (and sometimes grey) eyes, wears a red short sleeved shirt with a white "W" on it, burgundy colored pants, red shoes and a red and white wrist band.


Lee being the strongest one in his sibling trio can carry heavy things that his siblings can't carry. He always flies the jet and usually controls it when with one team member or with all his siblings, usually Marc or Megan take control of the jet. He is skilled in spy acrobatics like his siblings as well.


Lee has claustrophobia, which means he can't stand small spaces and reacts to the point he gets really sweaty and causes him not to focus on the mission.


Megan: Lee and Megan don't tend to be on the same page with each other but sometimes agree with each other in some topics. Though Lee teases his sister a lot, he cares about her. In episode "Operation Dyno-mite", Megan was very sad and disappointed when she found out that she misheard her parents about having no baby sister; Lee went up to her and comforted her and stated, "Look on it this way Megan, you're still our favorite sister," and ruffled her hair. When they're paired up on a mission the two seem to be "on top and in charge" against Marc and Tony. Sometimes the two act as parent figures to Marc and Tony when their parents are not around when doing missions. In some episodes Lee and Megan are seen with arms around each others shoulders. They also share something in common considering Megan is the second best athlete beside Lee in the family, shown in episode "Operation Rival Schools", Megan and Lee are the top competitors in their sport group; Megan with soccer and Lee with rock climbing, while Tony was "water boy" and Marc in "knowledge bowl". Lee is protective of Megan when she is in danger, shown in episode "Operation Snowy Falcon" when Snowy Falcon almost flipped Megan's snowmobile causing Lee to be upset and angrily told Snowy Falcon "This is for messing with my sister, dude" and attacked him with his ice discs and in "Operation Fun and Games" when Megan was subdued by transparent girl and was about to get hit by a fireball until Lee countered the it by ice, but seems laid back when she's interested in a boy. Sometimes Lee doesn't think a girl has what it takes and Megan usually proves he's wrong. Though they have their differences, they care about each other very much.

Marc: Lee loves to tease and pick on Marc since he is the nerd of the family. In "Operation WOOCSI", Marc stated that Lee gives him " atomic wedgies", which Lee seems proud of. Lee sees Marc as a nerd/geek, because he does not have the passion and love to learn knowledge like Marc and tends to think Marc is crazy when he can't understand Marc's perspective in science, causing him to think Marc geekness will be a disadvantage of never getting a girl. In "Operation Crabby Bob" when Marc humiliated himself in front of his crush and everybody in the cafeteria, Lee stated to Marc "Tell you what bro, you just keep getting the good grades and leave the impressing the ladies to me". Even though these siblings have their own differences, Lee is protective of Marc when he is in danger. In some episodes they get along with each other and tend to get along with each other more better when they are teasing Megan or Tony.

Tony: Lee and Tony are usually often parried up on missions and tend to get along with each other more easily because of their similar personality of childish like behavior and their laid back attitudes. They are also bad with getting good grades; as stated by Megan in "Operation Crabby Bob" when Megan stated to Marc their parents won't be happy with Lee and Tony's grades when their report cards are come out.The two are shown to hang out with each more often then others in episodes, such as in "Operation Yeti Bear" Tony helps Lee with training so he can get back his high athlete school records from Terra. The two are also shown to have the same reactions and same sense of humor when something embarrassing happens to Marc or Megan; Tony will usually join in with Lee and help him tease their siblings. Even if these two share same personalities, there are times Lee will be mature and in some cases when Tony's actions are immature, he will scold at him if necessary. In one episode, Megan tries to set Tony up on a date, Lee stated to Megan that Tony is not ready to date and thinks he should learn to take baths more often before dating girls instead,In Operation pet peeved Megan advised Tony that he should talk to their parents in getting him a pet,Lee stated to Megan that Tony does not have a good record in keeping pets as his pets will just cause trouble. Lee is protective of Tony when he is in danger like his other siblings. Lee often likes to give Tony noogies.

Tammy: In some episodes it is shown Lee dislikes Tammy because of her bossy/rude/obnoxious behavior and her constant flirty behavior towards him. Its also a possibility he dislikes her because of her constant rude teasing towards his siblings as shown he gets upset when Tammy teases them. The only time he fell in love with her was in "Operation Sunrise Tan" but is only due to the influence of the Sunrise Tan that makes boys go crazy over a girl who is tanned from this brand.

The Farmer: Lee & Farmer Going to see The Peanuts Movie.

Notable QuotesEdit

-"Then I say, 'We settle this with a good old fashioned brawl'. Too bad for you! I'm the family athlete!"  Lee challenging Tony and Marc in "Operation Sunrise Tan".

-"I think I'll go with Mister Ice, even if he does wear tights, he still seems pretty chill." Lee transforming into Mister Ice in "Operation Fun & Games"

"Okay, this guy is officially crazy." Lee commenting on Sharky, "Operation Killer Condos".

Marc: "Who would want to do that to a library?"

Megan: "Someone who really hates to do homework."

(They both glare at Lee)

Lee: Don't look at me! I have an alibi!" Lee, Marc and Megan in " Operation Grow Up"

Lee: If you think you should start a new life, is gonna change to Chapmans??? FUGGET ABOUT IT!

Lee: Uh news flash Megan, Tony doesn't exacly has a good track record when it comes to a pet remember?" Lee commenting on Tony's irresponsiblity in " Operation Pet Peeved"


  • Tami has/had a crush on Lee.
  • He is on the football team.
  • He is also on the basketball team.
  • He is claustrophobic.
  • He's in the eighth grade.
  • Lee is the most athletic of the siblings, Megan is close as second.
  • Ironically, he has somewhat of a higher tone voice than his younger brother Marc, yet his voice is still deep.
  • In "Operation: Crabby Bob", he says that he is big for his age.
  • He's approximately 5'6" - 5'7".