The Marc 4000 is a suit made of 100% titanium that Marc created with the help of the WOOHP Engineering Department in the episode "Operation Noel's Last Stand". He created it for a contest from the magazine Spy

Marc and his suit =P

Monthly, with a reward of sending the suit to space. It was accidentally given to Noel, who is actually Chameleon Leon is disguise, and he used it as a "robbery suit".

Features Edit

The Marc 4000 has some special features to it, powered by a cutting-edge WOOHP microchip.

  • Super Mobility Mode allows you to climb walls.
  • Super Camo Mode to be able to blend into the environment.
  • Super Sticky Mode to help capture bad guys by shooting super sticky stuff at the villan.
  • Super Tail Mode for a tail you can control that will do swatting and hitting.
  • Super Eye Mode to see through all directions, as in blind spot.
  • It also has a tracking device that allows you to track down the suit, which Lee says was smart of Marc to add, for if it didn't have it then they probably couldn't have stopped Leon.