Marc Clark
Marc Clark
Gender Male
Nationality Canadian
Profession Agent, student
Afflictions World Organization Of Human Protection (WOOHP)


Marc Clark is a main character in the "The Amazing Spiez!" series. Megan Clark is his twin sister.

While on a mission, he wears a blue spy suit and carries a matching colored MPCom.

Marc is the intellectual member of the group. He is a straight-A student and has knowledge of every single subject known to man and his intelligence can sometimes be considered 'a little freaky' by his siblings. He calls himself the 'Family Geek'. Marc also likes to fiddle around with the gadgets and change their functions. Marc is not only the smartest one in the group but in WOOHP as well, as proven in the episode, "Operation WOOCSI". He is also known to be sharing a room with his younger brother, Tony. He, along with his siblings, attend Southdale Jr. High.


Marc is nice, sweet, and optimistic. He is shown to be a tad immature and naive as well. He is well aware that he is smarter than average and on few occasions, is noted even brag about it to his siblings, much to their annoyance. He is very practical and never just jumps into something without thinking. Though he is very smart, sometimes he can be a bit clueless, as seen in the episode, "Operation Grow Up" when he was examining a piece of cloth they found during their mission with his microscope and stated to his siblings he had been searching for hours and found no clue until Megan walked up to him and took the piece of cloth and pointed out and said, "Have you tried looking at the tag, genius?", Marc blushed at his mistake. However, Marc is not only the brain of the group he’s also in many ways, the heart of the group. He’s the most sensitive spy, but being a guy, he tries his best not to show his emotional side in front of his brothers as well as almost everyone else. As shown when he tries to impress Sheena in "Operation Crabby Bob", Marc seems to be very nervous and is unable to tell a funny joke; when Sheena thinks he's creepy Marc seems to be deeply embarrassed and hurt. 

Physical AppearanceEdit

Marc is fair skinned and has light brown colored eyes and auburn brown colored hair that reaches his shoulders; his bangs parted and styled so that most of it is swept to the right side of his face while some of it frames his face on the left side. He is average sized in height (shown to be slightly taller than Megan in some shots) and has a slim build. Marc is usually seen wearing a fitted white long-sleeve shirt underneath a two toned short-sleeve, pullover hoodie, with the sleeves and hood being a dark blue and the rest of it a light blue. He also wears dark green cargo pants that fall over his light blue and white sneakers.

Death on Canada Cinema Edit

Toronto, Canada Marc Watches The Peanuts Movies After Surffing Heart Attack In Canada Cinema


Lee Edit

Marc sees Lee as a jock.  He once stated Lee gave him wedgies and thinks Lee is immature and rude. In some episodes when Lee and Marc are paired together on a mission they usually collaborate with each other. When Marc is with Lee he seems to correct him constantly and tries to be smarter than Lee and tries to hide his sensitive nature when being with him. When Marc humiliated himself in front of his crush in the cafeteria in "Operation Crabby Bob" Lee teased him by telling him to leave the ladies to him and just keep getting the good grades. In season 2, episode 6 "Operation Yeti Bear" Marc gets hair on his body and gets teased by Lee. Even though Marc and Lee have their differences, he cares about Lee and tends to protect him when he is in danger or in need of help. In some episodes the two seem to get along with each other better in some episodes especially when they tease Megan or Tony.

Marc hugging Megan.


The Ms getting along.

Megan Edit

Marc and Megan are fraternal twins (non-identical). It is shown that he and Megan get along very well. In season 1 episode 21 "Operation Desert Rescue" Megan finds their mom's birthday necklace and when she opens it, there is a picture of the entire family and Marc and Megan are the only ones that have one arm around each others' shoulder. Usually when there is a argument or a conversation between the siblings these two seem to agree always with each other more than with their other siblings. In other episodes, they are seen with an arm or an elbow around each other, or even just standing next to each other. Marc seems to be very close to Megan and never hides his sensitive nature when he is with her, he also seems to be happy to share his feelings with Megan and knows she won't laugh at him when Lee and Tony are not around. Also it shows in season 2, episode 49 "Operation Noel's Last Stand" Megan hacked into a computer when Marc was kidnapped by a villain, with her other brothers shocked asked her when did she get good with technology and she stated that Marc taught her, showing her brothers didn't know how to operate machines and Marc only taught Megan his talented skills with machines. These two pair up with each other more often when the siblings split during their missions. They are the only siblings that are hardly never seen to fight or argue. In season 2 episode 12 "Operation Astronuts", Marc gets captured and wakes up in a cage with Megan, he becomes extremely happy to see her alive and hugs her.

Tony Edit

Marc and Tony are usually the ones that play games together or Marc helping Tony with his homework. Sometimes Marc finds Tony immature and annoying especially when Tony teases him, but still gets along with Tony. He hides his sensitive side when he is around with Tony. They have their own handshake sign when they congratulate each other of their teamwork. In one episode there parents are stating that they'll move and get their own rooms. Marc seemed to be overly excited and happy that he didn't have to clean up after Tony anymore.

Notable QuotesEdit

"Everyone in school knows; come to Marc if you need help." Marc telling Tony, in "Operation Gus-jitsu"

"Hello everyone; did you miss me?" Marc with his brain restored, in "Operation WOOCSI"

Marc: "See anything unusual? You know, besides your 13 year old brother that still needs a babysitter."
Lee: "Very funny Marc." Marc commenting on Lee's maturity, in "Operation Spy Sitter"

Marc: "I'm the family geek remember and my geek-o-meter is telling me that Jimmy is gonna use his minions to attack the competition then watch them destroy each other."
(Lee looks at the flier)
Lee: "And of course reading this flier didn't hurt either."

Marc and Lee: "Not so much." In "Operation Fun and Games"

"Yes! I knew it. My brainatude never fails me!" Marc, in "Operation 50 foot Hacker"


  • He had a crush on a girl named Sheena Weston in "Operation Crabby Bob".
  • He and Megan are fraternal twins (they share a birthday, but they don't look anything like each other).
  • Ironically, being that he is 3rd oldest, he had a deeper voice than his older brother, Lee.
  • His closest sibling relationship is with Megan.
  • His fears were heights, clowns but later overcame them.
  • He easily gets seasick shown in "Operation Crabby Bob".
  • Marc and Megan are the only ones in the family that have names that start with an "M".
  • He is shown that he is really sensitive but tends hides it when Tony and Lee are around, but doesn't hide it from Megan when he is alone with her.
  • Marc and Megan are the only ones that wear the same type of sweater except different color and Megan has a zipper in her sweater and Megan's exposes her stomach.
  • In some episodes, Marc and Megan have a habit putting their hands in their pockets.
  • He enjoys technology and computers and always seen to be on a computer hacking information during missions.
  • Sometimes Marc thinks he knows everything.
  • He also knows how to fly a jet, seeing as when Lee isn't present, he is usually the one to fly the jet (though this role is sometimes switched with Megan).
  • Tony stated that Marc was a vegetarian in (Operation: Pet Peeved).
  • In some shots he is taller than Megan, so he might be about 5'1 or 5'2.
  • Marc is voiced by Peter Cugno, who is known for voicing Francois on PAW Patrol.