The WOOHP system has been breached meaning someone knows the spies secret identity, And after the Clark Family going for a sea cruise due to the Clark Siblings' parents winning a contest. However strange things has been happening a swimming pool beginning to form a whirlpool, A movie theater beginning to fried everyone and the spies' parents trying to eliminate them after a few investigation the spies discover that a child named Davey Hacker (a brilliant child that should've been a spy but didn't succeed in the spy program) brainwashed their parents in order to eliminate them due to jealousy of the Clark siblings passed the spy program and he did not.

In the subplot Jerry begins to send the spies in random locations to get materials needed to cure his cold only in the end the spies discover that he wasn't being sick but only allergic to his new pillow

Cruisin' for A Bruisin'
Season 1, Episode 8
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