Season 2 Edit

"Operation Killer Condos" No. 05 Original air date 9 July 2010 Prod. No. 205 Sharky, a top real estate agent, decides to eliminate his competition by selling them his Condos. The Spiez are sent to investigate the disappearances, but when they find themselves facing a shark in reality. The Spiez must stop him before he eliminates their Mom, a real estate agent.The B-story, Marc is excited about getting his own room in the new house (That they were going to move in but never did when they realized the Condos were a trap) and Jerry decides to go through a different series of hairstyles in hopes of finding a new one that will suit him perfectly.

Mission No. 428

Villain: Sharky Note: The Totally Spies! return as Cameos when The Spiez! decided to use the hologram gadget, called the Dial-a-Spy Hologram Watch; disguising Marc as Sam, Tony as Clover, Lee as Alex and Megan as Jerry. Also, this mission is numbered the same as Nano Spiez!. This shows production error in the show.