Operation Nano Spiez is the second episode of Season 2.

Davey Hacker returns as he tries to shrink all the WOOHP spies (In hopes of becoming a WOOHP spy himself.) Davey follows them into their home and attempts to shrink them into microscopic size. When the Spiez get shrunken themselves they must find some way to reverse the gadget and get back to their normal size before Davey smashes all of them into oblivion. Eventually, Davey gets shrunk and ends up going to WOOHP prison. The B-story, The kids are trying not to get caught by their nosey Aunt Trudi while their parents are away on vacation.

Mission No. 428

Villain: Davey Hacker (3)

Note: Davey Hacker last appeared in Mission No. 556. This makes another continuity error in a continuity error.