Operation No Pal in Principal
Season 2, Episode 22
Air date May 23, 2012
Written by Michelle Lamoreaux
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Operation Noel's Last Stand

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A mysterious object lands in the desert. At the school, the Clarks get WOOHP'ed after their dad's career presentation and are sent to investigate the object. When they discover an orb, the Clarks bring it back to school before their dad finds out they're gone. Tony keeps it in his locker, but little do they know that it later escapes and sneaks into Principal Shields office. She leaves after getting a headache from the silver liquid the orb releases, which creates an evil doppelgänger of her. Principal Shields is in the cafeteria, who gives detention to Tony for trying to set a prank on Tammy, and Lee and Marc for kicking a soccer ball in the cafeteria. She leaves, and Evil Principal Shields enters a few minutes later. The doppelgänger does the opposite of school rules, and the Clarks talk about how strange her personality changed in a short period of time. Soon enough, evil Principal Shields turn students into zombies but the Clarks manage to escape through an air vent, also saving and bringing Tammy with them. The vent leads to a science lab, where they're temporarily stuck in the meantime. Lee discovers some silver liquid on the soccer ball and predicts it came from when evil Principal Shields was kicking the ball. Marc uses some equipment from the lab to try and analyze the liquid. They needed the gadgets from Tony's locker, so Megan and Tony go get them. The two discover that the orb is missing and take the gadgets. Megan and Tony run into evil Principal Shields and use their rocket boots to escape. Meanwhile at the lab, Marc is finished analyzing until Principal Shields enters the room. Lee and Marc pin her down but notice that her behaviour seemed normal and unpin her, but tie her to a chair instead. Tony makes it to the lab, although Megan is hit by one of the lasers and turns into a zombie. Tony tells Marc and Lee how evil Principal Shields got Megan but he has the gadgets, but then notices Principal Shields with them and turns confused. All of them have a conversation, agreeing that there were two Principal Shields. They then break up into two teams - Lee and Tony, and Marc and Tammy with Principal Shields. Tammy, Principal Shields and Marc go to the cafeteria and try to bring evil Principal Shields down, but she is too powerful for them and they all end up as zombies. Lee and Tony are in the library when they suddenly are surrounded by Megan, Marc and Tammy. They use a Paddleball Zip-Line to escape, but meet evil Principal Shields at the bottom. She summons another orb that uses the same silver liquid to create a doppelgänger of Tony. Tony steals the medallion from evil Principal Shields and Lee suggests using a vacuum gadget to suck them up. They do said action and put them back inside the orb. Tony destroys the medallion and everything turns back to normal.

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