Operation Spy-Sitter
Season 1, Episode 3
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Operation: Spy Sister was a episode of The Amazing Spiez.

In this episode the spies are sent to investigate the mysterious disappearance of an agent named Britney who is investigating Dean's disappearance before she was kidnapped,Unfortunately when Jerry sent them to save Blaine in their missions failed., after the strange case the spies head home.Only this time Lee snuck out of the house but was captured as well,When his three siblings awoke they discovered that their Babysitter Melinda is a former spy in disguise named Mel and he is responsible for the abduction

In the subplot Lee is being bitter after learning that their parents will be hiring a babysitter during their absence and tries to state that he is 13 yrs old and doesn't need a babysitter

Characters Edit

  • Britney
  • Dean
  • Blaine

Trivia Edit

  • Britney, Dean, and Blaine from the Totally Spies series make a cameo appearence in this episode.