Operation WOOCSI
Season 1, Episode 15
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Note: In this episode Jerry's sister, Sherry, makes her first appearance.

It all starts when the spiez are WOOHPed by Jerry and Jerry anounces that Marc Is promoted to a part of WOOHP that specialises In Investigations called WOOCSI. It Is run by Jerry's sister, Sherry. After that Jerry sends the 3 spiez (Lee, Megan and Tony Clark) on a mission to find clues of the case of missing scientists. They get into a lot of trouble when Lee falls into a trap. After getting out of it, the spiez find some dust and send it to Jerry, meanwhile, Marc is tricked into going to a trap. Marc sits down in a chair. Sherry then locks the chair and absorbs Marc's intelligence. When the 3 siblings return they find Marc acting strangely. The next day, the siblings cannot find Marc and they get WOOHPed to find Jerry captured by Sherry who had absorbed all the intelligence of marc and the scientists. After capturing Sherry, Jerry restores Marc's and the scientists's intelligence.