Operation Yo-Yo ninga
Season 1, Episode 26
Air date Febuary 26 2010
Written by David Michel
Directed by Stephen berry
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Operation YO-YO ninja master is episode 26 of Season 1 its the season 1 final


Slick Mick tries to escape the Spiez and then is stopped by Tony and his yo-yo gadget. The public saw him stop Slick Mick and started to call him "Yo-yo Boy." Tony then gets caught up in the fame and popularity, even with Tami being the president of his fan club! The Spiez are unable to stop Slick Mick again without Tony to help, as he skips out on missions frequently. Now, the Spiez have to get Tony to forget about the fame, which he says turned out to be a 24hr job and doesn't want to do it anymore and stop Slick Mick from sending WOOHP Headquarters into the local lake at the same time! In the b-story, Lee must get his act back together after a humiliatingly loss of a basketball game in front of the whole school.




  • This is the produced season finale of season 1. At the end of the episode, before Lee caught Tami, Marc's eye color changed from Green like Tony and Megan, back to Hazel