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Victoria with sly face (human form)

Victoria Braithwaite, or as she called herself, Queen Bee, is a former geneticist who synthesized her DNA with the DNA of bees. Her first appearance was in Operation: Buzz Off!. She is the show's counterpart to the Totally Spies! villain Max Exterminus. She returns in Operation Senior Spy to enact revenge.


She is a bee lady, with her DNA combined with bee DNA, and she's a fellow scientist to the scientists she abducts in her premiere episode. She Returns in Operation Senior spy. The Clarks must go and check up on Dr. Brathwaite, to see if she's up to her old tricks. The spies discover she's trying to combine her DNA with plants but it poses no threats as Dr. Brathwaite has no money to fund her research. The spies leave and return to Dr. Brathwaite's house to overhear that Dr. Brathwaite has made the Granny young again, the Granny quickly defeats the spies and leaves to "re-live her youth", Dr. Brathwaite combines her DNA with the plants and devours the spies.