Tami is the "mean girl" of the Clark siblings' school. She is the most popular, richest girl there. She loves being worshiped and being showered with praise and gifts. Tami's family moved from a mansion in Beverly Hills to a penthouse apartment in Southdale, which she really despises. Tami is just like Mandy from "Totally Spies!" because her hatred of the Clark siblings is similar to Mandy's rivalry with Clover, Sam, and Alex. Unlike Mandy, Tami made her series debut in Season 1, Episode 5 (Operation Brat Pack).


Megan and Tammy greatly dislike each other. Tami once called Megan a "look thief", and considers her "uncool". Megan perceives Tami as being spoiled and shallow, which is true as her family is one of the richest in the city.

Tami has a crush on Lee which is mentioned in lots of episodes. And air-kisses him daily.

Tami was on good terms with the Clarks in the 3-Part TV Special, Operation Twins of Terror (Season 1, Episodes 23-25), for saving her life. She had problems with the Clarks, but when her sweater was caught in a conveyer belt, they helped her and she liked them. Things later returned to normal, once Tami "saved" them from the same conveyer belt from before. She is the only one who has seen Megan in her spy suit, and actually came to like and respect Megan afterwards; but unfortunately her memory was wiped out by WOOHP and she went back to thinking Megan was a loser.


Tami has blonde hair in a pony tail with lavender eyes. She usually wears purple shirt with a black strap holding it up. Long white pants red sneakers, and red bracelets. Just like Megan, she frequently wears a crop top, usually showing half of her stomach. Unlike Megan, she does not wear the same crop top/hoodie in almost every episode. She is 13 years old. Boys dating her. And is usually in a romantic scene ( holding her boyfriend's hand or kissing him or just shopping with tons of boyfriends) Is very flirty. She is a bad dater as she dated 10 different boys once.

Notable QuotesEdit

"Hey, that part is mine! I should get to play King -whats- his - name!" --- Tami declaring a role, Operation Brat pack
"All-o, Clarks! You're just in time to be the latest addition of my new column, Tami Talk!" ---- Tami, Operation Evil Paparzzi
"I want 30 miniature ponies and they should all be dyed pink to match my dress; now stop stalling and get on it!" ---- Tami, Operation Terrible Thirteen