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Left to right Marc , Sendy , Namida a.k.a Sierra ( coming soon ) Hikaru and Hiruka

This is the page where all Own Characters of The Amazing Spiez! around the world is described.Please put your OC here.

The OCs that is described as "Well - Known" are:

Sendy GilbertEdit


  • Name : Sanderson Lindley Gilbert
  • Nickname : Sendy
  • Gender : Male
  • Dubname : "Life"
  • Born : Canada ,17 July 1999
  • Age (now) : 13 years old
  • Nationality : Canadian
  • Culture : Indonesian (Batak)
  • Allergies : Milk , Peanut , Catfur
  • Phobias : Cockroaches or any small insects that entering his area
  • Spysuit & MPCom : Green

         Sendy is known as a singer and a clever guy, who always helps people around. He is a half-mature kid who helps Lee at housekeeping,too.


His parents is two private employees who works in different sections. Sendy's mom is a kind-hearted, healthy nurse who is really professional at using medicines. Everyone is recovered because of her. Sendy's father is a chief assistant in a really big plantation. He is really tempered and fastly gets tired after work and driving.


He has a fair tan skin and a medium body . He has dark black hair and brown eyes.

He wears a green or white, long-sleeved undershirt (just like Marc) covered with a pale yellow shirt. Occasionally,  attaches a brown fedora on his head,and the fedora has brown outlines in it. Or sometimes he wears a green headphone. He wears a soil brown trousers and a pair of black sneakers with white bottoms and laces. This could change at any time.

Sometimes, he attaches a brown watch on his left wrist.


Sendy is a kind-hearted kid who likes to help people around.He likes to see peace comes to the world.He is very soft, emotional and cute (if you really know what "cute" redirects here). He never likes anything bad,because he really connects into his religion (Christian). He is a very serious guy, and really hates sarcasm.

He god a condition named Gifted Child from his birth. Never put any emotional jokes on him,  but he never attacks you on purpose of religion. And , he's a bit untidy, too. Another thing: He often break materials, so he has another nickname : " Mr. Demolish" .


  • Food : Everything his mother has cooked for him
  • Drink : Hot tea
  • Dessert : Bread
  • Plant : Everything flowering is beautiful
  • Animal : Cats, dogs, butterflies
  • Color : Everything, especially green.
  • Piece of Clothing : Trousers.
  • Singer : Mariah Carey, Björk
  • Genre : Eclectic
  • Song : Anything Could Happen ( E.Goulding ),
  • Sports : Trampoline-jumping, Cycling, Badminton
  • Guy : Marc , Neil (described later)
  • Girl : Megan


Lee: Remembering Sendy's soft and emotional personality, Lee and Sendy was just fine to each other, but Lee seems oppositely remained, and somehow wants to trash out the younger man. Sometimes when Lee is skateboarding and Sendy is biking, Lee insulted Sendy as if he can't ride skateboard. And yes, he can't, but Lee lost at biking, then. Sometimes Lee can show his affection in an awkward way (glomp, surprise! , etc.), and it really made an annoying impression to the little one. There's a time in the future when they and the Amazing Spiez! Cast ( Stars, OCs ) bought some sandwiches and somehow Lee wants to make his semi-enemy pay up of what he has done in the past. By all means, Lee glomped at Sendy, they were tripped into the ground, the sandwich fell into the ground, and Sendy hitted Lee in the face. And nothing made any sense.

Megan: Megan is Sendy's closest friend as far .These two teenagers loves to shop, either it's for fashion, books (sometimes Marc joined this part) and plants. They understand each other, though there are some parts of them that they don't like : Sendy's soft attitude and Megan's i-wanna-be-popular-like-Tameh personation. Megan had asked Sendy many many times to act a little more masculine like all the other boys, and Sendy had told Megan so many times to let the popular girl image go, and be yourself, and that's the way it is. But the most part that they love is that they like each other no matter what, and sometimes Sendy (with Mina's help, too) will defend Megan from Tami, and even bought presents on each other's birthday.

Marc: Marc and Sendy's connection picturing what enemies could be, remembering both are smart and creative. Sometimes they will compete who is smarter about some subjects, and no one wanted to lose. At the future, The Clark Boys challenged Sendy to skate, Marc cocked his voice mountain high to insult the unexperienced boy at the highest level. Maybe he's right at that time, and then Megan challenged all the boys to bike, and you know what happened, i think. Later, after some misunderstood that happened, Sendy takes Marc more closely as a caring couple, doing some stuffs like reading books together, doing chemistry together, and (sorry, even Megan and i thought this one is weird) sitting in a table just with only he and Marc. Maybe he has accepted Marc as his "brother" .

Tony: Tony is the opposite of Sendy's personality, although there were some straits they share in common. Tony hated the other goy when he can't let Tony play computer or video games etc.. Oppositely, Sendy always throw the poop out of Tony when he turn up the music too loud or throwing a wild party on the Clark's house etc. They were fine when they hear both's favorite song, games, Angry Birds, fun and other else they can match in common.


  2. He searches for his voice every time and really wants to be religious.
  3. He is really afraid of cockroaches.
  4. Sendy admired Lee and Marc, although he often goes outside with Marc.
  5. Sendy hates official schedules .
  6. Sendy really hates sarcasm and jokes, or everything that causes emotional pain.
  7. He keeps an Oceania Dragon ( a water-air dragon based from "Fairy Dragon" of Dragon Story) behind his backyard.
  8. Yet being the stranded ones between his community, he is the strongest candidate in there.


  1. Lee: "Dude, you are boring" - Sendy: "Problem?"

Hikaru & Hiruka YukamineEdit


  • Name : Hikaru Yukamine , Hiruka Yukamine
  • Gender : Hika = Female , Hiru = Male
  • Nickname : Hika , Himeko ( Hikaru ) Hiru , Ouji , ( Hiruka )
  • Dubname : " Kagamine Rin - Len "
  • Born : Akita , Japan 28 December 2001
  • Age ( NOW ) : 13 years old
  • Nationality : Japanese , Half-Korean,Half-Indonesian
  • Culture : JAPANESE , JAVANESE ( ? )
  • Allergies : TOMATOES
  • Phobias : Hikaru = Ghosts . Hiruka = Heights and Clausthrophobia
  • Spy Suit & MPCOM : VIOLET

         Hikaru and Hiruka are known as two animal lovers who loves and built a foundation for cats and bears .


Their parents are the owner of the famous company in Japanese and Europe . they have a little sister named Miyuki and She works in the Information office @WOOHP xD They Are the 5 and 6th child in the Family. They have 2 twin sisters and brothers . . they have a white male big cat ( almost like a tiger ) named Miruku . = w = . . their big mansion is in front of the Clarks house (maybe)


They are twins like Kagamine rin and len . and they are from Japan. Hikaru has the similiarities with Kagamine Rin (Well , Hiruka with Len,too) . They have black hair and violet eyes .

Hikaru .

She wears a gray turtleneck (no-arms) and a Jeans miniskirt . sometimes She attaches a White-big-bow ( like kagamine rin ) on her backhair . and she often to attaches a pair of white hairpins in her bangs . In her righthand you will see a black wristband . She wears a pair of black boots - like rocker shoes and a pair of black stockings . Sometimes she wears gothic dresses .

Hiruka .

He wears a simple white T-shirt and a red tie . He wears a black trousers and a pair of black sneakers with white bottoms (the merk ( ? ) is converse xD ) He sometimes wore a black wristband on his left hand to indicate he was left-handed.


Hikaru - She's a tomboy who love to trolling others and she's emotional , bossy girl . She don't like if people do anything bad to her and her twin . If she goes mad , she will beat others with her baseball stick . She will scared if someone tell stories about ghosts and horrors .

Hiruka - A calm , unemotional , and a -cute- boy . He's older than Hikaru but he often calls Hikaru " Oneechan ( big sis ) " . He's lefthanded .


  • Food : Ramen,Takoyaki,Yakisoba and Sushi
  • Drink : Ocha ( Japanese Green tea )
  • Dessert : Es Puter ( a traditional ice cream from indonesia )
  • Plant : Sakura flower , Daisy .
  • Fruit : Grapes and Plums .
  • Animal : Cats, dogs, bears
  • Color : White , Black , Violet
  • Piece of Clothing : Every piece .
  • Hobby : Cosplay and Singing
  • Singer : Kagamine Rin - Kagamine Len ( go google it then )
  • Genre : J-Rock , J-Pop
  • Song : Meltdown ( Kagamine Rin ) , Senbonzakura ( Hatsune Miku )
  • Sports : Jogging , Cycling , Swimming
  • Guy : Hikaru = Marc ( ? ) , Hiruka , Hiruka = Ken Lison ( Coming soon = w = )
  • Girl : Namida Ai ( coming soon )

Trivia Edit

  1. They HATE Tami
  2. Hiruka usually cooks lunch and make bento for him and his little twin sister, Hikaru
  3. Hikaru hates Marc because she thinks Marc 'its a geek ---- and Hika doesn't like geeks .
  4. Hiruka likes to playing Bass with lefty model bass
  5. their father is from Japanese and their mother nationality is Korean-Indonesian .
  6. Hikaru and Hiruka hate missions so they usually have a holiday 8DDD
  7. Actually Hikaru is as smart as Hiruka but Hikaru is a bit lazier than her brother
  8. If they are bored , they usually switch they role 8DD and NO PEOPLE recognized them (because they looked so similar)
  9. Hiruka is lefthanded .
  10. They cannot speak english fluently .


  1. " We're twins , but we're not same at everything , right ?" -Hiruka
  2. " Just be yourself . Do not copy my style ! " -Hikaru

Mina ClarkEdit

Mina morphs by wordgirlserenity67-d50tral


  • Name : Mina Alexandra Clark
  • Nickname(s): Mimi, Dragon Girl (when Lee teases her)
  • Gender: Female
  • Born: May 24th 2002
  • Age (now) : 8 and a half years old
  • Nationality: American
  • Allergies: None
  • Phobias: Clowns, and spiders
  • Spysuit and MPCom : Lavender
Mina is a young spy from the future and Marc's future daughter.


Twenty years from the present, Marc returned from a mission with experimental shampoo. He was about to send a clue to Jerry for analysis. As Mina came from outside, she was looking for some shampoo to wash her hair. But unknowingly, she took the shampoo and used it. After that, everything in her room started floating. So she tried calming down, and everything came down and was put away. Then, her flashlight fell on the floor, and suddenly, thunder came out of her hands! Mina freaked out, until she saw that her feet weren't touching the ground. Marc saw her float and passed out...luckily Mina told him what happened.

For the last few days, the spiez trained her on how to control her new powers. Then, something terrible had happened…the WOOHP villains were after Mina's new powers, especially Jerry's psycho siblings, Terrence and Sherry! They tried to suck them out so they can use it for destruction! Luckily the spiez saved her, and the villains were knocked out cold. Later at midnight, the spiez and Marc sent her to this present day. The rest... On the other history.


Mina's appearance consists of long red hair down to her lower back (a messy version of Marc's her side bangs) blue eyes, and freckles on her face, blue sweater with a hoodie, lavender shirt with a pink star, blue pleated mini skirt over green cargo pants, and blue sneakers.

In spy mode, Mina's spy suit and MPCom color are lavender.


Like Marc, Mina is very intelligent for a young girl her age. Besides her nerdy side, Mina is very tomboyish and boisterous, much to Megan's dismay. Inspite of her tomboyish appearance and attitude, Mina is considered attractive and sweet, and has a rather overactive imagination. Precocious is probably the best description for her as well as tomboyish and intellectual.


Lee: Lee is Mina's future uncle. As Mina gets use to her time in present day Southdale, her and Lee would at times butt heads. Lee would at times make fun of her nerdy side, since she's like Marc and all. Mina cares about Lee inspite of him constantly picking on Marc. Lee cares for his soon to be niece inspite of her tomboyish and overimaginative side. Lee at times would play tricks on her (e.g. putting spiders in Mina's bath water). Lee sees her as Marc's clone due to the fact that Mina takes pretty much everything after her father. Mina often refutes that they barely look alike.

Megan: Megan is Mina's future aunt. Megan and Mina would get along...well except for a few of their flaws: Mina's tomboyish habits and Megan's girly sides. Megan would at times think that Mina is nerdy and gross while Mina would at times be fed up with Megan making her do girly things. Despite being polar opposites, they love each other for being themselves. Mina would even defend her if Tami messes with her. Megan also appreciates her future niece's overactive imagination, but doesn't get her interest in dragons. (Sorta thinks that Mina's a bit of a goth...which she's not). Megan gets use to Mina's tomboyish traits as she gets use to her time in present day Southdale.

Marc: Mina sees Marc's younger self as her big brother. Mina is very close to him as Marc is to her. Although they have a close relationship, Marc is at times annoyed with her tomboyish habits, but realizes that side of her is...well...her. Aside from that, Marc loves her just as Mina does to him. Other than the intellectual level, Marc is seen to like his future daughter's overactive imagination and storytelling. Mina knows about her father's sensitive side, but she doesn't mind it. Mina claims that of all geniuses, Marc is her favorite.

Tony: Tony is Mina's future uncle. Since Mina was sent to the past, they were fast friends...since Tony figured that she's their niece. Tony would see that Mina acts like her dad too much, but Mina doesn't care. Besides, she did get her intelligence and sensitive side from him. They sort of have a lot in common, like their boisterous personality traits...well they ARE kids after all. Tony sees his future niece as the coolest tomboy/nerd he has ever met. He even claims that his future niece is his best friend. Mina sees that in her uncle as well. Other than their close relationship, Tony is annoyed when Mina zaps him.


  1. Mina is said to be 8 1/2 y.o
  2. Although Mina and Marc have the same personas, the only things that make them different are Mina's super powers and overactive imagination
  3. Mina and Marc share the same knowledge, sensitiveness, jesterophobia ( clown phobia ), and hairstyle.
  4. Although Mina has her tomboyish habits, she's considered to be sweet and attractive.
  5. Mina is also afraid of spiders (especially tarantulas)
  6. Mina has a knack for trash talk, but she doesn't use it with adults.
  7. Beside of jesterophobia, she also gets seasick.
  8. Aside from her powers, Mina has a knack for going incognito via her disguise bracelet.
  9. Unlike other little girls her age, Mina takes her appearance less seriously much to Megan's dismay
  10. Mina has an overactive imagination, hence how she would come up with her 'Dragon based' attacks.
  11. Dragons are her favorite mythical creature...hence the dragon curtains she'd have on her window back home in the future.
  12. Her future home is the Clark siblings' home in the future.
  13. When angry, Mina's skin turns into different shades of green depending on her rage.
  14. When shy, her body turns pink then she turns invisible.
  15. Other than scholary, Mina has a thing for dragons.
  16. Her favorite comic is Magica Sentai DRAGONRANGER # 9 (Parody of Mighty Morphin' Power Rangers, Beetleborgs, Masked Rider, etc.)
  17. She HATES dresses (except the skirts she wears over her pants).
  18. Tami's future self once re-decorated Mina's room with girly things (Which she hates).


  • THUNDER DRAGON POWER NOW! (Mina when morphing into her spy suit)
  • "Just as I suspected!" (Mina when suspicious)
  • "That's (whomever she's talking about) for ya"
  • "Brothers...aye yi yi yi yi yi YI!" (Mina when Lee messing with her or his siblings)
  • "THUNDER DRAGON...BLAST!" (Mina initiating her attacks)
  • "Time to turn things around, with the Mina Clark Turbo TWISTER!" (Mina doing her spin attack)
  • "TAMI MY ROOM!!" What the heck happened to my chemistry set and dragon curtains?!" (Mina to Future Tami when her room was re-decorated).
  • "Eye of the Dragon" (Mina activating her telepathy)

Transformations and AttacksEdit

     -That's what Mina says to morph into her spy suit
      -To change back
  - Info soon
    - An attack involving a dragon made of ice