the clark family

From the team that brought you the world wide success Totally Spies!, discover a brand new group of secret agents!

With a unique comic book style, The Amazing Spiez! is an action packed comedy about the newest Spiez! for the World Organization Of Human Protection (WOOHP).

Lee, Megan, Marc and Tony Clark are tight-knit siblings who juggle their family life with intense international spy missions. Outfitted with next generation gadgets and super cool vehicles, the young Spiez! secretly travel around the world and confront the most outrageous villains ever while their WOOHP handler, Jerry, struggles to control their missions and sometimes their private lives too.

Flying with jet boots while squabbling with your sister and trying to be home in time for a family celebration causes jeopardy in more ways than one! The Spiez may get caught in an erupting volcano, fight off a nosey aunt, or sky dive onto a luxury condo, at the same time dealing with their family vacations, dentist appointments, or even French classes, mayhem and hilarity always follow!

How do you complete your mission when you're grounded because of a bad report card?

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Lee, Tony, Megan and Marc.