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Tony Clark age 11 (12 in Season 2 and fromerly known as Tony Chapman) he is the youngest of the Spiez and that can sometimes get him into trouble. Tony is a nonsense, go-getter and very hyperactive boy. He is impatient and relies too much on common sense and intuition, as he doesn't like 'thinking', which sometimes leads the spies in deep trouble. His spy suit and his MPCom is yellow, and he seems to like the Freezdiscs very much and shares a room with Marc. Even though he is the smallest Clark, he seems to prove to himself and to his siblings that he can achieve a lot of great things. He's at the age where he is reckless most of the time and impulsive compared to his siblings and is the most immature and loud.


Tony is an immature, loud 11 year old. He seems to be very hyperactive, nonsense, go-getter, and somewhat of a 'dare devil' as he goes into action without really thinking of a plan. Although Tony doesn't really like thinking much and can get him into a lot of trouble but, does come up with good ideas sometimes. Even though his siblings think he is out of his mind and not very serious at times, Tony proves himself to be as good as they are. Tony also seems to do the worst in school as, he has trouble in it and makes Marc do it. In Operation Break Out, he is shown to not be good at math and is a 'slob' when it comes to his room. He also seems disrespectful to girls.It is also shown in Operation Pet Peeved He is not a good pet keeper as his pets will just cause trouble to his siblings such as a stray cat he decided to be keep as pet thought Marc's bed as a ball of string,An iguana who like to stay better in Megan's bed rather than its cage and a goat that ate Lee's homework and the family car


In his normal appearance, Tony, like Megan, has black hair that is swept up one way and down the other and also has green eyes. He wears a yellow long sleeve shirt under a blue jacket, blue pants, yellow shoes, and a grey belt. He and Megan are the only two to look like Alex from Totally Spies! and to look like their dad - skin tone and hair style and his spy suit is yellow.


Tony doesn't always use his brain, but he tends to have some good ideas sometimes. He never drives, only once in Operation Fun & Games, and his sibling think he is not a very good driver. Like his siblings, he's skilled in spy acrobatics.


Even though Tony is a skilled spy, he is impulsive and energectic. He runs off and does his own thing which can get in trouble. And villains take advantage of him because he is the smallest of the Clarks.


Lee: Tony seems to get along with Lee the most because of their simliar personality and thoughts. They have something in common and shows both are not so great with grades as in episode "Operation Crabby Bob" when Megan stated their parents are not going to be so happy with Lee's and Tony's grades when their report cards are coming out soon. Even with same personalities, sometimes Tony seems to get tired of Lee's parent attitude and ignores him. They are usually paired up to them on missions and get along with each other. In "Operation Yeti bear", Tony is helping Lee with his school records and getting them back from Terra. The two also seem to have the same reactions when something embarrassing happens to Marc, they both laugh, and when Lee makes fun of Marc, Tony will join in with him or agree with Lee.

Megan: Tony seems to get along with Megan most of the time. Megan helped him get a date in "Operation Break Out", when he gets five dates, Megan warns him it will be big trouble. Later when he was in a huge problem with the girls, Tony asks her how he'll get out of it, later in the episode Megan tells Tony's dates his locker comination and seems shocked that she did that and yelled "Megan!! How could you?!?!". Even though he doubts her abilites sometimes, Tony still seems to be supported of her and doesn't want to get her angry at him. Also Tony seems to support her in making her feel important to; in one episode Megan doesn't think she won't do well on a skateboard while fighting a villain, Tony tells her that its nonsense. In another episode "Operation Solitary Spy", Megan feels the boys are leaving her out and he promises he'll be more senstive. In some episodes when ever Megan or Tony did a awesome job or technique at something, they will pound thier fists together and compliment each other.

Marc: Tony and Marc, the two seem to try to find better clues than Megan and Lee. Tony expects Marc to clean their room and help them with his homework. In some episodes, he will tease Marc or sometimes along with Lee. In "Operation Killer Condos", he is shocked when Marc was very excited that Marc doesn't want to share a room with him and is a little mad because of this, but the two seem to collaberate nicely with each other sometimes.

Notable QuotesEdit

"It's not fair! I'm an international spy but, I can't even do regular kid stuff!" Tony, "Operation Grow up"

"Go Broccoli power" Tony as Broccoli boy, "Operation Forgotten Island"

Tony: "I wonder if it will work on Megan's attitude"

Megan: "Too bad you'll never know" Tony commenting on the Woohp matter earser, "Operation Sunrise tan"

"Ew! Stinky athlete's foot; Lee is that you?" Tony, with eyes covered with chameleon's saliva, "Operation Chameleon leon"

"I'm extremely allergic to high falls especially the landing part!!!" Tony," Operation Tami Trouble"

"Uh News Flash Megan,Tony doesn't exactly has a good track record when it comes to pets remember?" Lee reminding Megan about Tony's irresponsibility in pets,"Operation Pet Peeved"


  • He and Megan look very alike, but they're not twins.
  • Like Lee, Tony can go crazy for girls.
  • In Operation Break Out, he doens't like Math, or taking baths.
  • In Operation Tammy Trouble, he does the worst of the siblings in school.
  • According to Lee in "Operation Chameleon Leon", Tony is afraid of the dark.
  • Tony pushed Tammy into a locker in The Movie of "Operation Twin Trouble".
  • In "Operation: Killer Condos", he snores...loudly.
  • Also in that episode, when Tony disguised as Clover, he has to sound like a girl, when ironiclly, he is voiced by a woman.
  • He is approximatly 4'9".